The Covenant school declares the desire to forfeit 100-0 wins over Dallas Academy, if team won't apologize, calling its win shameful and a victory without honor in its January 13th game.

Last week, Covenant kept the pressure on winless Dallas Academy until midway through the fourth quarter, when it scored its 100th point. The score was 59-0 at halftime and 88-0 after three quarters.

The Web site message from Queal and Todd Doshier, the North Dallas Christian school's chairman, called the 100-0 final a victory without honor, shameful and an embarrassment.

In a statement on its Web page, the board chair and head of The Covenant School said they formally apologized to the other school Thursday morning, 10 days after the game.

It is shameful and an embarrassment that this happened, the statement said. We humbly apologize.

The Covenant School also said, A victory without honor is a great loss.