Three coyotes attacked a Washington man named Faron Scarberry and his dog on Friday, resulting in bruises and blood from the attack.

Scarberry, who hails from Kent, Wash., said he was walking his puggle when the animals led their attack.

"They were coming around the bush and I guess they were going after my puggle." Scarberry told KPAX.

"One of them lunged up towards me and I kind of pushed it away with my hand and its front claws scratched my hand and wrist. Then one of the grabbed me by the pant leg and started shaking my leg so I just started kicking and hitting at them to get them off of me and they ran back under the fence."

Scarberry said the attack left him with bruised knuckles and an arm covered in scratches. He said one of the coyotes bit him in the leg, and he was forced to get 26 rabies shots.

Now, Scarberry said he is sharing his story in the hopes the attack, which occurred near an elementary school, doesn’t happen again.

"The elementary school is right at the back of our property and the kids walk here to and from school," Scarberry told KPAX. "I don't want any of the kids to get hurt."

Coyotes are prevalent in the month of December, the broadcast station said, with attacks happening frequently during the animals search for food. Wildlife experts said coyotes will eat almost anything, and warned rural residents to keep lids on their trash cans to help curb foraging coyotes.