The wicked little Juke-R -- the unholy spawn of a Nissan Juke mated to GT-R engine -- can tear up the track at speeds up to 160 mph and recently starred in its own noir themed movie Desert Nemesis as it faced off under the able hand of driver Lucas Ordonez against Dubai racing master Salah Salahuddin's stable of supercars. And now Nissan says the car will be available to buy -- as least if you're super-rich.

While the car looks like a possessed, track-eating version of Darth Vader's helmet, it soundly trounced three of the world's best supercars from Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Lamborghini around an improvised track. And no wonder, the 545-horsepower Juke-R will sport the drivetrain from the 2012 GT-R and according to Nissan holds the title of world's fastest Crossover.

Although the version raised at the Dubai track is still technically a concept, Nissan has announced that it plans to build the Juke-R and currently has firm orders for three of the cars, two of which have come from a high-profile and well-respected member of Dubai society.

The Juke-R was originally intended as a one-off concept to marry two of Nissan's most innovative models. But the reaction we had to the car in Dubai was amazing -- people were making offers for the original on the street, Gareth Dunsmore, Marketing Product Manager, for the Juke said.

No word yet on how much the Juke-R will cost, but when Top Gear was on the scene driving the car in Dubai, they received an offer of a seven figure sum on the spot. And the figure didn't even start with a one. Or a two. So figure the car could cost as much as $3,000,000, compared to MSRP on a vanilla Nissan Juke of just $23,930 for the top trim model. Jalopnik reports a somewhat more reasonable price of $600,000. Still, that's roughly 25 regular Jukes.

Watch the Nissan Juke-R Dubai race video Desert Nemesis below.