Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has cancelled her royal engagement on March 12. The nine month pregnant princess attends the Name Day celebration every year on the day. The 38-year-old Swedish royal usually marks the occasion with an appearance with her daughter Princess Estelle.

The Name Day has been a tradition with the Scandinavian royals since the 17th century. As per tradition if a royal’s name is attached to a particular date on the calendar, the person is allowed to celebrate “a little birthday” annually on that day. Since the time little Estelle was born on Feb. 23, Victoria’s Name Day has been a mom-daughter engagement.

The heir apparent of Sweden and her three-year-old daughter have been making an appearance above the courtyard at Stockholm’s Royal Palace. However, currently the nine-month pregnant Victoria has cancelled the engagement this year, as she is due anytime. The princess, who will reportedly give birth at her home the Haga Palace, is now enjoying a maternity leave.

Estelle and Victoria last year opted for matching purple coats for the event. The little royal, who is known for her high energy levels smiled, clapped and waved at well-wishers showing their support for her mother’s name day. But, her husband Prince Daniel was unable to attend the event.

“I am in good company, right?” said Victoria, while speaking to reporters’ last tear during the celebration.

Meanwhile, Victoria along with her younger sister Princess Madeleine attended two meetings over the week to check on the work being carried out by the charity set up by their mother Queen Silvia — World Childhood Foundation. Madeleine, who lives with her family in London, flew down to Stockholm to attend to her duties.

Victoria is expecting her second child with her husband. The royal couple took to Facebook and announced their baby news in September. The princess is expected to deliver her baby in March.