Exelon terminates offer to buy NRG

Exelon Corporation, the largest operator of nuclear power plants in the U.S., terminated its offer to acquire rival NRG Energy Inc. with a simple and direct statement today after nine months waiting for negotiations.

U.S. Senate discusses climate bill, green jobs creation

U.S. lawmakers and state governors discussed on Tuesday during a Senate hearing on the climate bill, that policy to spark green energy jobs would take several years to develop. Among its main objectives, the climate bill aims to spur economic growth through clean energy jobs creation as it helps shift the country to low-emissions power generation.

Alaska's main pipeline to ship less crude

Alaska's 800-mile oil pipeline, Trans-Alaska Pipeline System may ship less volume of crude than its average due to summer maintenance. TAPS should ship 600,000 barrels per day starting on Wednesday, below its average 750,000 bpd before maintenance periods started, Reuters reported citing oil traders and pipeline operator Alyeska.