Cristal Paulette Richardson, a 28-year-old Dallas woman is facing murder charges after a disturbing and deadly encounter at a motel Saturday night.

Richardson, a convicted felon, is accused of cutting off 34-year-old Cedric Lamont Owens penis. The Dallas woman then slit Owens throat and repeatedly stabbed him.

According to the Daily Mail, Owens was found dead at a Motel 6 in Dallas' Fair Park area. A security guard at the motel reported to police that he overhead a loud verbal and physical disturbance in a third floor room.

The room was occupied by Richardson, who had checked in alone the day earlier.

Upon visiting the disturbed room, the guard witnessed Richardson walking down the hall. According to Dallas News, Richardson was naked and had blood all over herself.

At approximately 5:20 p.m. Owens body was discovered in Richardson's room. The victim had obtained multiple stab wounds to his upper body, his throat was cut and there was traumatic amputation of the penis and scrotum, reports Dallas News. A bloody folding knife found in the room is suspected to be the weapon.

A motive for the brutal killing is unclear. Richardson's bond is set at $200,000.

Throughout the years many crimes have surfaced where a woman has cut off a man's penis.

In July 2011, Catherine Kieu Becker drugged her estranged husband and cut off his penis with a large knife. She then proceeded to put her estranged husband's penis in the garbage disposal. Becker's bail had been set at $1 million. She was indicted on one felony count of torture and one felony count of aggravated mayhem.

Last May a women in southern Bangladesh chopped off her neighbor's penis after months of him trying to rape her. The woman, Monju Bengum, had taken it to police as evidence.

In 1993 Lorena Bobbitt made headlines when she severed her husband John Wayne Bobbitt's penis with a knife. The woman blamed past domestic abuse led her to her actions. John Wayne Bobbitt was able to have his penis surgically re-attached.