Muy caliente! Week six of “Dancing with the Stars” was hot, hot, hot -- and it’s not just because last night’s episode of the hit ABC series was celebrating the spicy Latin culture. Between the sexy salsa routines and sensual sambas, the contestants of “DWTS” found a way to bring even more heat to the ballroom floor when they popped the buttons off their shirts, revealing their glistening abs. (Seriously, how many times can we recap Val Chmerkovskiy gliding across the dance floor with his shirt ripped open before our computer breaks?)

The temperature at “DWTS” was raised even more when guest judge Pitbull gave the performers his two cents regarding their routines -- you know, despite admitting that he had no ballroom training or education at all. We swear we could have seen steam coming out of Val’s ears when the “Fireball” singer critiqued his performance, claiming he “just didn’t feel it.”

“I’m not being mean. I’m being real,” Pitbull said. “When you go to the street club and you see them dance, you see the passion.” The singer claimed the duo showed a lack of desire in their routine. But clearly he hasn’t been watching Season 19 of “DWTS.” All fans can talk about is Val and Janel Parrish's passion and their rumored romance.

Pitbull’s comment even threw the 2014 regular season judges (who gave Val and Janel 9’s) for a loop, leaving Julianne Hough to quip that she doesn’t look so mean compared to the Latin Grammy award-winning artist. A week before, Julianne was deemed the “DWTS” hardball for the harsh criticism she gave after being unimpressed by the week 5 switchups. Must be nice to play the good cop for once, huh Julianne?

By the end of the show, contestants Michael Waltrip, Jonathan Bennett and Janel were on the chopping block. But ultimately it was the “Mean Girls” actor who was sent home. That’s so not fetch. Jonathan received respectable scores for his week 6 jazz routine with Allison Holker, earning a 32/40. But the actor couldn’t seem to shake his rocky “DWTS” past, which has kept him at the bottom of the competition for the past two weeks.

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