In this week’s episode of the new Kardashian spin-off titled “DASH Dolls,” Stephanie gets her boyfriend arrested, while Caroline takes her relationship with rocker ronnie, to the next level. Elsewhere, Melody deals with her mom’s disapproval as she agrees to pose nude for a famous photographer.

The DASH Dolls are no stranger to drama, and Stephanie brought out the waterworks in this week’s episode. When her boyfriend Colin goes out of rehab to visit the doctor, she sneaks in to meet up with him.

The rehab facility finds out and Colin gets kicked out of the program. It turns out that rehab is a condition of his parole and he immediately gets arrested when his parole officer finds out that he’s been removed. Stephanie is devastated and breaks down in tears.

Malika, Durrani and the other dolls are concerned about her and offer their support. However, none of them want to point out that she should not be dealing with a man like Colin. They think that she deserves better but they also know that she loves him and won’t listen to their advice.

While Stephanie is dealing with her boyfriend’s issues, Caroline is ready to take her friendship with Ronnie to the next level. He’s been seen in previous episodes, and the two of them have continued to hang out and stay in touch. He is now on tour with his band, but he still manages to stay in touch with Caroline.

When Ronnie invites Caroline to watch his show in New York, she brings Taylor and Melody along with her. While there, Taylor bluntly asks them about the status of their relationship. Caroline feels awkward, but decides that it’s time to ask Ronnie about their status.

When he returns to Los Angeles, he comes over to see her, and Caroline finally asks him the dreaded relationship question. Luckily, he agrees that they have developed a great friendship and he’s willing to start dating.

Elsewhere, Melody joined Caroline’s New York trip with her own agenda. While there, she participates in a photo shoot for a book that’s being published by high profile fashion photographer, Nigel Barker.

As an aspiring model, Melody knows that the photo spread is a big opportunity, and a chance to jumpstart her career. Incidentally, Nigel is also famous for racy but artistic photos. Melody is comfortable with taking nude photos, but she knows that her mother would disapprove.

Once at the shoot, she agrees to go for it when Nigel suggests some nude shots. She feels confident about them and feels even better when she sees the results. She loves the photos and shows them to her mom. As expected, her mother disapproves. However, Melody decides to stick to her gut and allow Nigel to use her nudes.

Despite all the drama, the dolls have managed to do a great job at the stores and Kim and Khloe Kardashian made a cameo to commend them for their work. After dealing with a lot of internal drama earlier in the season, the girls took Khloe Kardashian’s warning and really sorted out their differences.

“DASH Dolls” airs every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. EDT on E!.