Meryl Streep doesn’t fool easily: The 17-time Academy Award nominee has seen a lot in her more than 40-year acting career, but a stunt she witnessed by illusionist David Blaine on Thursday night left her stunned.

Blaine is best known for his audacious and often death-defying endurance performances, such as encasing himself in a block of ice for days, suspending himself in a Plexiglas case for 44 days without food, and electrifying himself.

On Thursday, the endurance artist and illusionist made an appearance at a celebrity-studded gala hosted by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and apparently sought out Streep. Blaine approached a table where Streep and Harvey Weinstein were seated, snatched a wineglass from their table, and proceeded to eat it in front of them, according to a New York magazine correspondent who attended the black-tie event.

Streep reportedly looked entertained for a few moments before her features transitioned into an expression of pure shock, even covering her mouth with both hands in one photograph taken at the event.

When the New York magazine correspondent approached Blaine after the stunt, the illusionist's mouth showed no sign of either bleeding or other injury. Blaine reportedly picked glass off his tongue, before casually explaining that he doesn’t perform the trick often because he’s been urged not to do it.

"I'm not allowed to do [the trick] often, because I get in trouble for it. But I really like to do it," said Blaine. After leaving the table, he proceeded to entertain guests by performing card tricks.

View the video below to see Blaine performing the trick at a casino.