Police are looking for a man they’re calling the “Denver Thong Bandit” who has been running around flashing women and exposing himself over the past few months.

According to 9News.com, the man had been running around the Sloan’s Lake area flashing groups of women while wearing thong underwear, most recently in mid-February. Police said he starts off fully clothed before disrobing down to just a thong, which witness reported have been in an array of colors.

"I have never seen anything like this in my career," Cmd. Paul Pazen of the Denver Police Department told 9News. "He is fully clothed somewhere in the mouth of an alley, will disrobe down to a thong and expose himself further in front of female citizens in northwest Denver."

For many, this may simply seem like a scene from the popular MTV show "Jackass," where Chris Pontius plays "Party Boy." In those scenes, Pontius wears a jumpsuit before stripping down to a thong to make onlookers uncomfortable. But for Pazen, this is no laughing matter. He said “it’s a crime to expose yourself to folks” and Denver police are hunting for the man before he takes what Pazen called “that next step.”

Police said the man’s thong has changed color over his many escapades, first wearing a pink thong and most recently a darker colored or black thong while carrying his pants. Authorities described the man as either white or Hispanic, in his 20’s or 30’s with dark hair and an athletic build somewhere between 5’7” and 6 feet tall.

Pazen said they are having a hard time finding the man because of the bizarre circumstances as well as a delay in the time witnesses report the man. Police are even asking for camera photos of the man to help in the identification process.

"This is not something that is typical behavior, and it was difficult for us to get somebody that detailed enough information of this person's face in order to help us with the sketch,” he said. "If you see this individual disrobing or putting clothing on [in] an alley, and you can do it safely, we'd always ask you call 911 first, and if you have the ability to utilize the camera on the smart phone that would aid us greatly identifying this individual for future apprehension.”

Instead police are analyzing patterns to see when and where the “Thong Bandit” runs amuck.

"It's very difficult to try to guess what a human being is thinking, and here, those challenges are even greater when you have somebody who thinks it's OK to run around in a thong,” Pazen told 9News.