Deryl Dedmon, who is accused of killing a black autoworker, is being held in isolation without bond in Hinds County, Mississippi.  The nineteen-year-old allegedly ran over 49-year-old James Craig Anderson June 26 in a parking lot.

According to Hinds County Sherriff's Department spokesman Lt. Jeffrey Scott, Dedmon is being held in isolation due to the amount of publicity associated with this case.  Lt. Scott also said that they wanted to separate Mr. Dedmon from the general population.

John Rice, Dedmon's 18-year-old accomplice, has only been charged with assault at this time.  Defense attorneys for both teens said that they did not have anything to do with the crime and that they were on a beer run during a night of partying. 

Dedmon was linked to the crime after motel surveillance revealed him and other teenagers brutally beating Anderson and using a green Ford to run him over.  Dedmon also calls a friend to brag about running the man over. 

Reports suggest that Dedmon and his friends used racial slurs before and after running Anderson over.

Go to Brandon and get the other five murderers who committed such a horrendous violent act against my beloved brother, the victim's sister Barbara Anderson Young told WJTV reporters.   

The teen could receive the death penalty if he becomes convicted and will be prosecuted on a capital murder charge.