Nothing says Easter Sunday brunch liked deviled eggs, the popular holiday tradition that involves turning boring, hard-boiled eggs into bite-sized delectables. Here’s how to make deviled eggs the classic way, as well as five easy, yet unconventional, recipes for the favorite Easter dish.

The basic concept of deviling eggs is to hard-boil the eggs, remove the yolks, combine them with spices, and scoop the blend back into the egg whites. When peeling hard-boiled eggs, always do so under cool, running water, as it helps separate the shell from the egg whites.  

The classic deviled eggs recipe If flair isn’t your thing, this recipe from the Food Network is just the ticket for a more traditional deviled egg. No surprises here, just a delicious blend of yellow mustard, white vinegar, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and paprika.

Georgia Peach deviled eggs Looking to jazz up your deviled eggs dish this Easter? Greek yogurt, cream cheese, peaches and apple cider – those are the basic ingredients making up this Southern-inspired deviled eggs recipe from My Recipes.

Smoked salmon and radish deviled eggs The most decadent deviled eggs are topped with smoked salmon for a silky Easter Sunday treat. This recipe from Martha Stewart is sure to impress the most persnickety house guest.

Country ham and breadcrumb deviled eggs Take country comfort to a whole new level with this savory deviled eggs dish. The toasted breadcrumbs add a nice crunch, and the dash of hot sauce gives these eggs just the right amount of kick.

Miso Sriracha deviled eggs Spice up your deviled eggs game with this recipe from Martha Stewart. “Adding miso to the yolk brings salty flavors and umami notes, while Sriracha adds contrasting heat to the rich filling of this test-kitchen favorite,” the recipe reads.

Smoked pimiento cheese deviled eggs The brainchild of Atlanta-based chef Jason Hill, this smoky pimiento cheese deviled eggs recipe is simple to create and makes for a nice presentation. The roasted red bell peppers and sliced okra are complimented by spiced pecans and just a pinch of ground red pepper.

Bon appétit!