Well that was totally unexpected. During the Season 3 finale of “Devious Maids” fans finally learned who was responsible for killing Blanca (Naya Rivera) and Louie Becker. And just like Susan Lucci, who plays Genevieve, promised – the unveiling of the murderer totally shocked us.

But before we reveal who the Beverly Hills slaughterer is, let us explain what exactly went down in episode 13, titled “Anatomy of a Murder.”

The Season 3 finale kicks off with the four maids taking a stab at figuring out once and for all who killed their friend. But Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) is insistent upon changing the topic to something a bit more – well, lively.

“Sebastien (Gillies Marini) and I are getting married!” Carmen exclaims, showing off her dazzling engagement ring to her unimpressed friends. From the skeptical looks on their faces, it seem as though they’re not too thrilled that Carmen said “I do” to the cheater. 

But while one “Devious Maids” couple decides to get hitched, another one opts to break up. According to Evelyn (Rebecca Wisocky), she no longer has any desire to be married to Adrian (Tom Irwin) considering he botched their potential adoption.

“I’m starting a new chapter and you’re not in it,” she says coldly. But eventually Adrian finds a way to change her mind. Instead of selling their home, which would help them split their assets, Adrian elects not to go through with the sale of their house – meaning Evelyn is stuck with him.

Meanwhile, Marisol (Ana Ortiz) decides to reveal how she truly feels about Carmen’s engagement, which ends up backfiring... just a bit.

“If Sebastien cheated on his wife, what makes you think he wouldn’t cheat on you?” Marisol asks. But Carmen doesn’t take her friend’s inquiry lightly. Instead, Carmen storms out before firing back with a crude comment about how Marisol can’t “keep a man.”

And their friendship wasn’t the only one on the rocks. Both Zoila (Judy Reyes) and Genevieve attempt to reconcile their broken camaraderie during a couple’s therapy session. But all that occurs during the therapeutic hour is Zoila becomes aware just how very selfish her friend/boss can be.

“After 20 years together you threw me aside for a man,” Zoila says, still hurt that Genevieve chose Dr. Neff (John O’Hurley) over her.

The episode then cuts to Rosie (Dania Ramirez) paying Spence (Grant Show) a visit only to find his apartment in complete shambles. That’s when she learns her ex-beau was attacked. And as it turns out, the assault was so brutal, Spence ended up losing his memory – well, at least the memory of Rosie.

“Who are you?” Spence asks Rosie after she apologizes for choosing Ernesto (Cristian de la Fuente) over him. According to Spence’s nurse, he was lucky to be alive.

“Can you think of anyone who would want to hurt Spence?” he questions Rosie.

That’s when a light goes off, leading into Rosie paying a visit to Ernesto. She asks him if he had anything to do with Spence’s attack but he promises his hands are clean. However, he can’t say that he doesn’t know who did do it. Ernesto reveals that someone from the cartel was responsible for Spence’s amnesia, but he promises Rosie the bad man won’t be back. (Because he’s dead.)

Ernesto then gives his wife some advice on how to get Spence to remember her, adding that she’s a hard woman to forget. But Rosie can’t help but wonder why he’s eager for her to jog Spence’s memory.

“I think Spence is a good man and I trust him to take care of you,” he says, implying that he’s going back to Mexico like Rosie requested.

But when Rosie goes to the hospital to help revive Spence’s thoughts, she realizes that someone else has already tampered with her lover’s memories – his ex-wife. Apparently Spence had called his ex-wife thinking they were still married. Scorned, Spence’s former wife spun the story that they were still married and Rosie was still their maid.

Meanwhile, Genevieve and Zoila’s tattered friendship deteriorated even more when the socialite reveals that her she’s spoken to Zoila’s former fiancé. Furious, Zoila demands that they go to couple’s counseling once again. But on their way to therapy, the two get stuck in an elevator. And to make matters worse, Zoila’s water breaks.

Fearing she might have to deliver Zoila’s baby, Genevieve finds super-human strength to pry open the elevator doors and retrieve help. But it’s later revealed that Zoila will need more assistance than Genevieve could ever image. During the delivery of Zoila’s baby, doctors face complications. That’s when they’re forced to ask Genevieve to make the decision of who they should prioritize saving: Zoila or her baby.

But if you thought all that chaos was dramatic, just wait until you find out who was the character behind all the Season 3 killings. During the finale, Marisol confronts Taylor (Brianna Brown) about the blood on her couch. Hitting a nerve, Taylor throws her friend out, unwilling to discuss the mysteriously stained furniture.

However, Michael (Brett Cullen) was more than willing to divulge in Marisol’s theory about his wife knows who killed Blanca. Michael explains that the night Louie had died, he had sent him to follow Taylor in an attempt to catch her cheating. The next thing Michael knew, his poor friend was scattered throughout Beverly Hills. The two then piece together that Katy (Grecia Merino) must have seen the killer. But when they go to ask the little girl who was with Taylor that night, the police show up to Michael’s door, placing him under arrest for the murders of Louie and Blanca. Apparently Taylor had turned her husband in.

Wanting to get to the bottom on the story, Marisol confronts Taylor once again, this time threatening to get the police to suspect her.

“The man you were sleeping with killed Blanca?” Marisol questions, only to have Taylor answer “yes.”

Just then, fans learn that Carmen discovers Sebastien has been cheating on her with his non-yoga pants wearing instructor. Snooping around, looking for more clues, Carmen uncovers the dress she lent Blanca the night she went missing.

“I really wish you hadn’t found that,” Sebastien says just after Taylor reveals he’s the killer.

Marisol walks into the Powell house looking for Carmen (like a text from Carmen ordered), which is when she, Evelyn and Adrian find the maid being held at gunpoint by her fiancé.

“You were right about him. He’s a terrible man,” Carmen says.

Sebastian explains he doesn’t want to kill anyone – all he wants is some money so he can leave town. That’s when Adrian calls Michael for cash. But when Taylor’s husband arrives, Sebastian takes him hostage, too.

That’s when the whole story gets revealed:

Olivia (Valerie Mahaffey), Michael’s ex – and scorned – wife, hired Sebastian to seduce Taylor, with the hopes of breaking Taylor and Michael up. But during Taylor and Sebastien’s one night rendezvous, Louie (who was hired by Michael to catch his wife cheating) spotted them locking lips.

Sebastien knew that if the evidence captured by Louie was released, it would ruin his own marriage, which would mean Sebastien wouldn’t get half of his wife’s wealth. So, he got into a fight with Louie, which resulted in the tennis pro falling onto a glass table and getting stabbed to death with a broken shard. That’s when Katy walked out. Taylor, however, quickly rushed her back to sleep. And while she was tucking her daughter back to bed, Sebastien took things into his own hands and dismembered Louie before sprinkling him across Beverly Hills to “throw the police off.”

“It was a bad situation. I did what I had to do,” the killer explains.

So how did Blanca end up dead? Well, the maid just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. After witnessing the bloodstained room, Blanca kept asking questions.

“Blanca couldn’t keep her mouth shut,” Sebastien adds.

So, Sebastien hanged her and left a confession to make it look like Blanca had murdered Louie. Then Sebastien “discovered” the dead body of Blanca with the Powells, making him look oh-so innocent.

Furious, Michael started screaming, threatening to kill Sebastien once he got free. But it looks like that won’t happen considering Sebastien shot him dead.

With nothing left to lose, Carmen lures her lover close – revealing to him that she still wants to marry him. She attempts to prove her loyalty with a kiss. But Sebastien knows she’s lying when she begs for him to free her of her handcuffs.

“How stupid do you think I am?” he questions. That’s when Marisol smacks him across the head from behind with fireplace tool. Everyone manages to escape the house – expect Adrian, who goes back into the home, to retrieve a photo of his family. Next thing viewers know, the gas-filled home explodes after Sebastien accidentally lights off a spark.

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