Diane Keaton struggled with bulimia for five years before a psychotherapist helped her overcome it sometime around 1973, the actress wrote in a memoir that hit bookstores Tuesday. After learning she needed to lose 10 pounds to land a part in the original Broadway production of Hair in 1968, Keaton wrote, she would consume staggering amounts of ice cream that she later regurgitated.

It was just this trick you could do, said Keaton in an interview with People that ran on the Daily Mail's website Thursday, explaining that she hadn't known what she was dealing with even had a name. It's a horrible problem. Ugly and awful.

Keaton also recalled in her memoir Then Again that 1968 was the year she started to become romantically involved with Woody Allen, who starred alongside her in the stage comedy Play It Again, Sam. They appeared in the movie version Allen later directed, as well as films like Annie Hall, which she won an Academy Award for playing the title role in.

I was in love with him before I knew him, Keaton wrote in an excerpt published in Vogue. Our entire family used to gather around the TV set and watch him on Johnny Carson. He was so hip, with his thick glasses and cool suits.

Whatever allure Allen had on TV, Keaton gushed that he was even better-looking in real life.

Keaton opened up about other flings in her memoir, too, including Al Pacino, Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson, an actor she raved about Sunday to USA Today.

That brain is brilliant and flying all over, Keaton said of Nicholson. It's like ADHD; he's too smart almost.