It could have been the epitome of a bittersweet moment for the millions of Harry Styles fans. Unfortunately, thanks to the One Direction member not wanting to expose his privacy, that day will probably never come.

Kendall Jenner and the British boy band member are reportedly dating, and while her Kardashian half-sisters have had all their loves on the family reality show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” the famous Brit doesn’t want to have anything to do with reality television -- well, according to reports. Neither Jenner nor Styles have directly addressed the rumor. But that’s what sources are for, right?

An insider told the New York Daily News after the young couple was together for just a month, the lead 1D singer was ready to put his foot down, and Jenner was forced to choose her new lover or the cameras.

Producers of “KUWTK” reportedly asked if they could follow them on their New Year’s Day vacation Mammoth Lakes, Calif., but Styles, 19, purportedly said their dates are “personal, not professional.”

“Harry has told Kendall that he will not appear on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" under any circumstances,” the source told the Daily News. “Harry does not want his love life played out across the world on TV.”

The getaway made the couple “incredibly close,” according to the source, and now they are taking their relationship to the next level. Her mother, Kris, an executive producer on the show, supposedly supports the relationship for two reasons. Styles is quite the catch and he could also make for great TV.

“Kris has a double interest. Obviously she wants her daughter to have the best relationship with Harry but as the show’s EP knows how much of a draw footage of the pair could be,” the source said. “Naturally, the producers want Harry on camera.”

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