A Norwegian television program allegedly had Justin Bieber fans convert to Islam and wear a hijab in order to win tickets to the Biebs’ concert.

The comedy show, “Anne-Kat,” aired on Thursday on TVNorge. The show staged the contest in Norway’s capital of Oslo and the contest involved girls competing for tickets to an upcoming Bieber contest, reports Dagen, a Norwegian newspaper.

In order to win the tickets, the girls had to convert to Islam, wear a hijab, remove all makeup and read an Islamic creed in Arabic. To take it one step further, the girls also read aloud Arabic text that translated to “Justin Bieber being unclean and probably gay.”

The host of the show, comedienne Anne-Kat Hær­land, said, “We wan­ted to find out how far Nor­we­gi­an be­lie­bers are wil­ling to go for tick­ets to one of the con­certs.”

The show, as well as the comedienne, is known for its satirical comedy so naturally the entire contest could be staged. While the authenticity of the contest is in question, those who have seen the program don't find it to be so humorous. Dagen spoke to Bis­hop Halv­or Nordhaug, from the Nor­we­gi­an Lu­the­ran Church, who said the show’s attempt at comedy “Is an examp­le of an idea where irony and lack of re­spect turns into so­met­hing tra­gic.” Nordhaug’s main concern is the idea that the show presents faith and religion as secondary to a pop icon.

There are also plenty of supporters for “Anne-Kat” and the segment while TVNorge’s head of communication, Svein Tore Ber­ge­stu­en, said to Dagen he wasn't involved with the production of the show but trusts the cast and crew of “Anne-Kat” to create something that is funny without putting any restrictions on their decisions.

Justin Bieber recently canceled a concert in Oman after Muslim leaders in the country criticized the singer and deemed his moves "too sexy," reports Daily Mail.

News of the contest traveled quickly from Norway and included an article in Al-Arabiya. View the “Anne-Kat” segment where teen girls allegedly convert to Islam for Justin Bieber tickets below.