Earlier this week Zac Efron attended the red carpet for his latest movie, Dr. Seuss's The Lorax. His cheeks turned almost as bright as the Lorax's face when he went to take something out of his pocket, and had what looks like a condom fall out on the red carpet.

Caught on camera, the 24-year-old former Disney star quickly picked up the condom. In the video it looks like the actor turned to his publicist and said, Oh my God! after picking up his dropped item. Efron tried to play off the embarrassing incident when he put his sunglasses on and tried to conceal his laughter in front of the swarm of paparazzi.

Zac Efron has faced embarrassing moments before. While promoting the movie Charlie St. Cloud, Efron told Seventeen magazine that he had embarrassing moments every day on the set of the movie. One of the most embarrassing was in a scene with Ray Liotta, Efron said to the magazine. I threw a little improv this way and he took what I said, spun it and went on the biggest make-fun-of Zac rant ever. Efron said that Liotta made fun of him about Disney movie High School Musical for an entire take. This embarrassing moment doesn't seem to be as bad as The Lorax red carpet, though.

Check out the video below to see a slowed down version of Zac Efron dropping the supposed condom. What do you think he dropped?