In a new Live Leak video that was posted on Tuesday, a handicapped goldfish is shown swimming around in a tank with the help of a custom-made goldfish wheelchair.

The video already has 118,531 pays and 27,121 shares since it’s been on the site for two days.

Live Leak describes the video as “Disabled Goldfish Gets Underwater 'Wheelchair'and Hand fed.”

According to the video site is “A WTF and AWW moment all in one!”

The video is getting lots of attention on social media sites like Reddit, where it has been shared more than 30,000 times, and it’s not surprising why.

The 30-second video shows the disabled goldfish swimming around the tank amongst other fish in its wheelchair and then cuts to it being hand-fed by its presumed owner.

It’s not clear why the goldfish is in the wheelchair, but some commenters speculated that its fins had been eaten by other fish, while others said floating right-side up is a genetic disorder that some goldfish have.

“Unfortunately those kind of goldfish have so many genetic issues with things like their swim bladder, and other organs, they just dont live incredibly long. Good on the guy though for trying to improve its quality of life, while i'ts still alive,” one commenter wrote.

The “Disabled Goldfish” has probably warmed many hearts since it's reminiscent of the 2003 “Finding Nemo,” where the clown fish Nemo develops a “special fin” after being attacked by an eel as a baby.

Nemo ultimately proves to his dad that he can do what any other fish can do despite his disability and with a little help from its owner it seems the “Disabled Goldfish” is doing the same.

The heart-warming fishy tale has prompted some viewers to comment:

“That is so awesome! What a great owner. But how does a gold fish become disabled? What did he fall off a ladder?” one person quipped.

“What a compassionate person, most people would flush that little bugger down the toilet :'(“ another thought.

Someone else added, “I have seen it all, more humanity shown for a goldfish than most humans are shown in the videos that I have seen today.”

Check out the video below to see the real-life Nemo floating around: