Located about 800 miles south of Miami, Dominican Republic in the Caribbean boasts of numerous sea grass beds, vibrant coral reefs, mysterious underwater caves and some of the region's most unique sea creatures, drawing tourists from across the globe.

It is a diver's paradise with nearly 1,000 miles of breathtaking coastline that features colorful marine life and intriguing shipwrecks from when pirates sailed the Caribbean.

We are a top-notch diving destination amid turquoise waters so clear and blue one has to see to believe. The DR offers diverse marine life, excellent certified diving schools and accessible dive sites along our amazing coasts, Magaly Toribio, DR Ministry of Tourism Vice Minister of International Promotion, said.

The DR has it all with developed tourist areas boasting world-class hotels and more off-the-beaten-path options for adventurous, independent divers, he said.

With the Atlantic Ocean in the north and the Caribbean Sea in the south, the following underwater treasures await you in Dominican Republic: