Services for the death of Fox 4 Kansas City meteorologist Don Harman have already been prepped and will be privately held according to multiple sources who spoke to the IBTimes. It is unclear when the exact date will be.

The Harman family's decision to hold a private service comes amid an exponential increase of condolences from the time Harman's death was a swirling rumor to the time the death became officially confirmed as a suicide on the Fox 4 Web site. As the rumors piled up, the pressure was put on Fox 4 and local media to spread the word.

The word started at 5:53 a.m. Wednesday with a statement from anchors Mark Alford and Loren Halifax on the studio's Facebook page implicitly confirming Harman's death and asking the audience to be patient and give the Harman family some space. It read:

Good morning. The outpouring, in turn, prompted anchors to respon

We know many of you have questions.

We appreciate your concern, and we consider you our friends.

But please remember that family comes first.

We're honoring that right now, and we ask that you join us in that.

Please bear with us for a little while longer.

-Loren & Mark

Only after 18 hours was the official confirmation made on the studio Web site.

Many viewers and fans wondered throughout the news frenzy of suicide why Harman, who exuded a joyous, fun, laughable personality, would take his own life. At the behest of Harman's family, the broadcast team early on Thursday shared the reason, which was as public as the Harman family has been so far-Harman had battled depression for a long time.

Despite the Harman family privacy throughout, condolences are still pouring in and it seems that they will continue for a while.