“If Osama is in Pakistan, why are we paying [Pakistan] hundreds of millions of dollars a year?” said Donald Trump in an interview on the O’Reilly Factor a month ago.

We’ll tell them that “we want Osama Bin Laden. If you don’t give us Osama Bin Laden, we’re just not giving you hundreds of millions of dollars…You have a 6’6’’ Arab who is on a dialysis machine, and we can’t find him? If you tell me that the leaders of Pakistan don’t know where a 6’6’’ guy is standing, you’re wrong,” he said.

“If we said to them, ‘Sorry folks, we can’t [give you money anymore], you have to give us Osama Bin Laden, [Osama will] be standing on the White House doorstep very quickly,” he said.

Trump is wrong that Pakistan would deliver Bin Laden to the US. Instead, US Navy Seals took him out, no thanks to any Pakistani help on the mission. In fact, the US didn’t even trust Pakistan enough to tell them about it.   

But Trump is absolutely right in two things. 

One, the Pakistani government absolutely knew exactly where Bin Laden was, or they could have easily found out. It's possible that the top government leadership of Pakistan didn’t bother to find out and therefore didn’t know, but certain members of the Pakistan military, intelligence organizations, and government certainly did.

Two, the US is absolutely being disrespected in Pakistan. The world and Pakistan know that Osama Bin Laden is the man responsible for the greatest amount of pain to Americans since WWII. He is arguably the greatest criminal in the 21st century and Americans wanted him badly, dead or alive.

If Pakistan were just a respectable citizen on the global stage, they’d work hard to hand him over to the US out of common respect. Osama isn’t even Pakistani, so it’s not like they were protecting one of their citizens.

However, Pakistan isn’t merely a citizen of the global community; it’s actually considered an “ally” of the US and has taken tens of billions of dollars in US aide since 1950.

This “ally,” however, has allowed the biggest mass murder of Americans to reside 30 miles outside of its capital city. Such behavior is totally unaccepted for any country.  For a US “ally,” it smacks of ill-will and disrespect.