Dow Jones industrial average created a new closing high Tuesday for the first time in nearly seven years, mainly driven by its components shares Boeing, Wal-Mart and JP Morgan Chase.

Dow jumped 56.99 pcts to 11,727.34 to close, exceeding the highest point of 11,722.98, up 0.49%. Before the new record come, it took Dow six years or 1,686 trading days. Among the 30 blue chip shares, 23 attribute to the record.

Nasdaq composite index increased by 6.05 pct to 2,243.65, up 0.27%; Standard & Poor's 500 rose 2.79 pct to 1334.11, up 0.21%. Two index were far away from the recorded highest point, especially the former who was impacted by the network bubble.

In NYSE, 1,726 shares rose, 1,598 down, 153 flat. The total turnover reached to 1,711,846,450 shares. Its composite index declined 13.55 pct to 8447.83.

Birkelbach Investment Securities CEO Carl Birkelbach said the dropping prices of commodities like oil etc made an actual impact on the stock market in trading day. Today, the oil price fell down in a great size to below $60. he pointed out the investors realized that will make company's profit rise.

Birkelbach said investor's optimistic expectation for market brought the recorded high point and benefit to improve the whole stock market condition.

Boeing, with a largest rising size in Dow's blue chips, climbed $1.18 to $81.78, up 2.3%; Wal-Mart with second large growth size, grew $1.02 to $ 49.46, up 2.1%; JP Morgan increased $0.88 to 447.75,up 1.95.