Fans got a sneak peek Monday of what's to come in "Downton Abbey" Season 5. Two photos from the new season were released, one featuring Tom Branson and his daughter Sybbie, and the other featuring Lady Mary Crawley's son George. The photos are the first look inside the new episodes, which are due to premiere in the United States in January 2015 on PBS.

The photos feature the children of the chief widowers of "Downton Abbey" from Season 4. Tom lost his wife, Lady Sybil Branson, shortly after the  birth of their daughter, Sybbie, and Mary lost her husband Matthew in a car accident. The pictures show a stark contrast in how each of the two widowers may be dealing with the tragedies in Season 5. 

While Tom Branson is pictured with his daughter, Mary Crowley is nowhere to be found. Her son George, the heir apparent of the Downton estate, is being looked after by a maid. Fans can assume that Mary is not coping well with Matthew's death and there will be more grieving to come in the new season.

Downton Abbey Tom And Sybbie Tom Branson is featured in a new promo photo for "Downton Abbey" Season 5 with his daughter, Sybbie. Photo: PBS

 Downton Abbey George Mary Crawley's son George is pictured with a servant in a new promo photo for "Downton Abbey" Season 5. Photo: PBS

Will Mary be able to be there for her son George, or will grief get the best of her? And will Tony Gillingham or Charles Blake win her hand now that Matthew is gone? Season 4 of "Downton Abbey" ended on a relatively cheery note, with Carson and Mrs. Hughes getting together and Lady Edith deciding to keep her baby, but we don't think the show will stay happy for long. This is, after all, "Downton Abbey." Fans will have to tune in to the Season 5 premiere in January to see what happens.

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