Dr. Dre returns to the hip hop scene today on The Recipe with Kendrick Lamar, but the question on many fans minds is where's his Detox album?

Thousands of fans were reminded of Dre's existence Monday morning, when he and The Recipe were trending nationally on Twitter, and he's surely still rockin' the khakis with the cuff and a crease, but his long-awaited album is still just a twinkle in its daddy's eye.

Detox was one of the most-eagerly-anticipated rap albums for years after Dr. Dre's classic second solo album 2001 dropped in 1999. He has pushed the release back so many times, and promised the album in so many different ways it makes the lead-up to Guns 'n' Roses' Chinese Democracy look like the turnaround time in between John Grisham novels.

So what's the deal with the album now? Where's Detox?

According to his Wikipedia page, Dr. Dre is slated to release his Detox album this year on his Aftermath label after years of delays and broken promises.

And Dre's official homepage has the word Detox as a part of its header, but there is no official mention of the album anywhere on the site's main pages, suggesting that he still hasn't made a decision about when (or if?) to drop it on his many fans.

The 47-year-old Compton native better get moving on his solo album, as everyone knows rappers shouldn't be releasing new albums after the age of 50, and honestly, lots of us have already forgot about Dre.

Last month the D-R-E released a new music video for his song I Need a Doctor, featuring Dre protege Eminem and Skylar Grey, igniting for the first time this year rumors that he would be dropping his album soon.

But it still hasn't happened, and the anticipation continues to build, while pressure for it to be another classic banger has left Dre's commitment to taking his time to perfect a beat to a whole new level.

With its repetitive hook: Women, weed and weather, don't it sound clever, Lamar's new single is an ode to Cali featuring Dre raps and producing by Scoop Deviile.

Oddly the song is not a Dre-produced track, as he is one of history's premier rap producers, but fans can hold on to hope that maybe he's just been focusing on Detox.

But as Dre fans have learned over the past few years, don't bet on Detox ever coming out.

Waffles Media summed the sentiment up on their Tumblr Monday morning: finally some new dre! kendrick wrote the whole thing. feeling it. look for detox in 2018.

Click play below to listen to The Recipe via Vimeo video: