Radio personality Charlamagne Tha God has come out in support of Drake in his ongoing feud with Meek Mill. Charlamagne of “The Breakfast Club” show slammed Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend over reports that he is making a new track dissing Drake with Sauce Walka.

"I think it's wack. I think it's over," the New York radio host said in a recent interview to VLAD TV, referring to Drake and Mill’s battle. "Let it go. You got to know when to hold them, you got to know when to fold them. You got to know when to walk away, you got to know when to run. Meek took an L. It is what it is. That don't mean that Meek's career is over. That doesn't mean that Meek isn't still a viable artist out here.”

Charlamagne reportedly said that the Philadelphia rapper needs "to make hot music, not diss Drake again.”

Earlier this month, reports surfaced that Mill and Walka may have completed recording their diss track targeting rival Drake. Walka shared an artwork on Instagram of the Sauce Twinz' collaboration with Mill, captioning the photo, "Streetz vs. Geeks.”

"When I see stuff like that, all you're letting me know Meek is that s---- bothering you," Charlamagne said, according to Urban Islandz. "Because I saw you on your Instagram and you was like 'I made a mil in a week and they're telling me I took an L.' You're laughing and you're smiling and you already said you're not trying to partake in the beef."

Charlamagne’s support for Drake comes after the Canadian rapper opened up about his feud with Mill.

While speaking to W magazine, Drake was asked to elaborate on his comment to rapper Hitman Holla about Mill's accusations that he used a ghostwriter.

In July, Hitman Holla shared a screenshot of a conversation he had with Drake about the feud, in which he told the "0-100" rapper that he wasn't buying the "foolishness." Drake responded to it saying: “I signed up for greatness. This comes with it.” That was the first time Drake had spoken about his beef with Mill.

"Realizing that I had a larger purpose was one of the most comforting, peaceful feelings. With music, especially, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a vessel to deliver emotion to people," Drake told the magazine. "I want to provide the background music to your life as you live it. I’m there for you in heartbreak and tragedy and joy."

Mill and Drake’s battle erupted on July 21 after the "All Eyes on You" rapper took to Twitter and told people not to compare him with Drake because he doesn't write his own rap songs. Drake responded by releasing two diss songs, “Charged Up” and “Back to Back,” while Mill fired back with "Wanna Know."

The feud between the two intensified after some songs in Drake’s mixtape with Future, titled “What a Time to Be Alive,” allegedly took shots at the “House Party” rapper and Minaj.