Meek Mill, who appeared in court Thursday for parole violation, wrote on Instagram that he was “fighting for my life and freedom.” Mill also said that people mocked him on social media.

“It's funny to see people on the Internet laughing and joking about me and my family going thru these things, it's just shows me where the world is at nowadays! But if you are for me prayers up and wish me the best!” the 28-year-old hip-hop artist wrote in the post.

Mill and Canadian rapper Drake have been involved in a public spat after Mill asked people in July to stop comparing him to the “Hotline Bling” star. Drake responded with two diss songs, “Charged Up” and “Back to Back,” while Mill shot back with "Wanna Know."

The beef worsened after some songs in Drake’s mixtape with Future, titled “What a Time to Be Alive,” reportedly took shots at the “House Party” rapper and Mill's girlfriend Minaj.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Minaj told a federal judge in Philadelphia that she will help Mill, who allegedly violated parole in a 2009 drug and gun case, to follow parole rules so he could avoid a jail term. Prosecutors alleged that Mill changed his travel schedule without court’s permission and also missed a drug test after he was jailed in 2008 on drug dealing and gun charges.

"She [the parole officer] is not going to be the one sleeping alone if he goes to jail. I am," Minaj reportedly told the judge. "He's [Mill] not perfect, but I can't believe how much he's changed. He doesn't have a lot of structure. He can be irresponsible," Minaj said, according to BBC. "Since I've come in his life, I think I've been working on that a little bit. He's just getting accustomed to being an adult."

The couple was rumored to have engaged after Minaj posted a photo on Instagram showing off a ring. However, Mill’s lawyers told TMZ that Minaj "would not marry a criminal or a bum."