Draw Something App is Newest Addition to Social Gaming Zeitgeist

  • draw something
    Zynga, who recently acquired OMGPOP, announced that Draw Something has broken the record as the fastest-growing mobile application ever. At its peak, Draw Something was downloaded more than 50 million times in 50 days. Courtesy
  • Words With Friends
    It's a game that will get you thrown off an airplane (if you're Alec Baldwin). Extremely addictive, Words With Friends follows the same simple formula as the hit board game Scrabble, but includes more opportunities to get big hitting words. Courtesy
  • Fruit Ninja
    One of the longest-standing popular games on the iOS App Store, Fruit Ninja lets people cut fruits thrown in the air with a simple swipe of their finger. Just don't swipe the fruit-shaped bombs... Halfbrick
  • Angry Birds™
    Property of the Year was presented to Angry Birds™ Rovio Entertainment Ltd/
  • Instagram app
    Instagram Instagram
  • Tumblr, which celebrated its 10 billionth post this month, experiences about 13 billion page views monthly.
    Tumblr, which celebrated its 10 billionth post this month, experiences about 13 billion page views monthly. flickr/chadarizona
  • Pinterest
    Pinterest, the online pin board photo sharing phenomenon, has certainly climbed the Web’s social popularity ladder. The newest craze has put a hiatus on pending membership requests, placing wannabe users on a waiting list because of the spike in its numbers recently. flickr.com
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Draw Something, the Pictionary-like iPhone app, is the newest addition to a growing number of casual games designed to take advantage of the increasing numbers of people connected through smartphones. Much like the Internet has changed hardcore gaming, wireless devices are transforming the way non-gamers look at easy to play, social games. Instead of first-person-shooting and dungeon style adventure games, smartphone users are flocking toward games that take advantage of fast wireless connections and easy integration with their own contacts.

Furthermore, the games themselves are becoming more like a social network like Tumblr or Instagram. As Facebook continues to lose its cool-kid cachet, more and more games and apps will be looking to find the sweetspot found by Draw Something and the addictive Words With Friends. While some games have a more direct social facet, others simply make it easy to compare scores and achievements. Draw Something is only the newest in a growing list of games that take advantage of the social feature, but its light-speed ascent will surely encourage even more developers to try and emulate its winning formula. Start the slideshow to check out some of the most addictive and social game apps out there. Let us know which ones you play and what are their best features.

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