A drunk moose, intoxicated from eating too many fermented apples, was stuck in an apple tree in Sweden before being spotted by a Swedish passerby and rescued.

The moose was found by Per Johansson in Saro just south of Gothenberg in Sweden while on his commute home from work, stuck in a tree, drunk from eating apples.

Anders Gardhagen, a spokesman for the Gothenburg Fire and Rescue Services, told CNN that once the team freed the moose, it passed out underneath the tree.

Once free, the moose collapsed on the ground and fell asleep. So we let him sleep it off and went back home Gardhagen said.

According to Gardhagen, it is not uncommon for moose to get stuck in trees after eating too many apples. Apples, which aren't a customary food for moose, ferment during digestion and often times cause an intoxication-induced rage.

Moose are attracted by the apple trees, and in the autumn when the apples have fallen off the trees we normally have at least one of these cases of intoxication, Gardhagen told CNN.

Johansson was much more surprised when he stumbled upon the drunk moose on his way home from work.

I saw something really big up in a tree in my neighbors' yard and it was a moose. It must have been drunk after eating fermented apples and as it was reaching out for more fruit it must have slipped and fallen into the tree, he told CNN.

After its nap upon being released, the drunk moose, now hung over, stuck around the next day in the garden in Sweden, according to Johansson.

When I went out for the newspaper it was still laying there on the ground, sleeping. By the time I left for work it was walking around the neighbor's yard on very shaky legs. Johansson said.

Gardhagen said during the autumn months, when apples fall from the trees, one moose inevitably is a victim of intoxication from eating fermented apples.

In 2007, a drunk moose fell through ice of a frozen inlet and drowned in Stockholm, Sweden after gorging on apples.