The red carpet event of the London premiere of “Captain America: Civil War” was a star-studded affair. One of the celebrities, who have captured the attention of fans and co-cast members, was Elizabeth Olsen, who looked stunning in a daring designer dress.

Elizabeth was just one of the stars who appeared during the premiere of the third installment to the “Captain America” movie franchise. The premiere was held in London on Tuesday, April 26. The actress portrays the Marvel character Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch. For the event, Elizabeth wore a stunning long-sleeved Alexander McQueen dress that featured a keyhole-neckline, People magazine reported.

The plunging neckline revealed a peek of the actress’ cleavage, where the slit even went down nearly to her navel. Elizabeth has managed to capture the attention of fans and even co-cast members with her daring gown. Chris Evans was even photographed staring down at Olsen’s cleavage during a group photo with other cast members such as Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Renner, Paul Rudd, Emily VanCamp, Daniel Bruhl and Paul Bettany.

She also shared some of her thoughts on how her character Wanda has shifted from a villain to one of the good guys. Elizabeth told the same magazine that her character was initially “terrified of her own abilities.” She admitted that it was one of the things that she liked about Wanda.

The actress also stated that she enjoyed working with the “Captain America: Civil War” cast and crew members. “There’s been a few moments where you kind of look around and go, ‘Oh, I’m in good company. This is rad,’” Elizabeth added.

Meanwhile, the actress was very candid during an interview with the Sunday Times Style magazine, Belfast Telegraph reported. Elizabeth shared her dreams of becoming an actress and her apprehensions in starting an acting career. She stated that she wanted to be an actress but admitted that she “felt it was such a cliche.”

She even commented that being a celebrity and the fame that goes with it has felt “odd” to her. Elizabeth has witnessed how the Hollywood spotlight can change a person’s life given the rise to fame of her famous siblings, twins Mary Kate and Ashley. “I just don’t have any desire for that at all,” she admitted.