When Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, who both star in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” sat down for a Q&A session with kids, Garfield got himself into a bit of trouble when he made a "femininity" comment that didn’t sit well with Stone, his girlfriend.

A boy in the audience innocently asked who makes Spider-Man’s costume. “He made it,” the actor replied at first. “He made it with his bare hands. He sewed it, he took some sewing classes and some needle work.”

Garfield probably should have stopped there. "It's kind of a feminine thing to do,” Garfield added, “He made a very masculine costume out of a very feminine [task]."

Though no one seemed bothered by the comment at the time it was said, Stone turned to her boyfriend and asked: “It’s feminine how?”

Jamie Foxx, who plays Electro in the film and was also on the panel, sat back with a simple “wow” as he got ready for his cast mate to try and fix his comment without being more offensive toward Stone.

"It's feminine in the sense… It's amazing how you took that as an insult," Garfield said.

Stone interrupted him by saying she wasn’t insulted, but pretty much just wanted further clarification.

"It's feminine because I would say that femininity is about more delicacy and precision and detailed work and craftsmanship, like my mother, she's an amazing craftsman," Garfield tried to explain. "She in fact made my first Spider-Man costume when I was 3 so I use it as a compliment, not just in complimenting women but in men as well. We all have feminine in us, young men."

Check out the video below:

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is slated to hit theaters May 2.

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