The entire new Strokes album "Comedown Machine" is now available for free listening via online stream, a week before the official March 26 release date. The release is accompanied by the world premiere of the official music video for the record's first single, "All the Time."

Click play below to watch the "All the Time" music video:

The beloved New York City rockers' fifth album, which clocks in at a trim 37:49, has been released in bits and pieces as its arrival nears, and the full album is now available exclusively at, which has set up an album premiere site where fans of Julian Casablancas and Co. can listen to the 11-track record right now.

"[W]e are just a week away from the new album release and I’m happy to let you know that Comedown Machine is streaming worldwide in its entirety with our friends at," the band's manager Ryan Gentles wrote to fans in an announcement posted online and distributed to fans on Monday. "That’s right... eleven new tracks, one week in advance. So go ahead... head over to the pitchfork album premiere now to give the record a listen."

The LP is another step in the Strokes' evolution, which has taken an interesting trajectory over the years since the 2001 release of their classic pop-rock debut "Is This It?" The group's ever-changing sound always harkens back to the Lower East Side-soaked sound of their first LP, which has gone down as one of the most heralded albums of the first decade of the new millennium, even being named the best album of that period by NME magazine in 2009.

The Strokes have taken heat from some critics with the release of each album since "Is This It?" as some listeners yearn for a return to a sound that the band has clearly moved far beyond. The Strokes continue to grow artistically, and this album is primed for scathing reviews from writers who refuse to accept that they won't be defined by what they were, instead finding ways to break ground, innovate, take risks and expand their stylistic influences yet again.

The tracks on "Comedown Machine" feature a range of interesting and surprising touches from '80s-tinged guitar work and vocals that could have been collected from the cutting room floor during the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" sessions to lyrics about suburbia and many other musical choices that will be dissected obsessively. Despite the likely criticism, the album is a fully-formed statement, with a new style all its own. Like the new sound or not, it's unmistakably Strokesy, and it is executed with the band's usual attention to detail.

The first confirmation of what the album would sound like came on Jan. 16, when a Seattle radio station posted a teasing post on its official Facebook account about "All The Time," one of the album's singles, which had been leaked to the station by RCA Records. Later that month, RCA released the song "One Way Trigger" via the band's SoundCloud page.

The digital version of "Comedown Machine" is available for pre-order on iTunes, and physical copies (CD and vinyl) can be pre-ordered at the band's official online store or via