The European Space Agency's Proba-1 microsatellite has captured an image of the annual Burning Man festival celebrated in the Nevada desert.

Around 50,000 people gathered in northern Nevada's Black Rock Desert for the 25th Burning Man Festival, partying and celebrating for a week. A city is built each year and totally dismantled after the event. 

The theme for this year's Burning Man was Rites of Passage. The eventm which began as a free gathering on a San Francisco beach, now costs up to $360, with tickets going for as high as $1000 on Stub Hub.

As the ESA's Proba-1 microsatellite flew some 600 km overhead of the region, it snapped a souvenir image.

A mosaic of four 5 m-resolution black and white images was acquired by Proba-1's HRC high-resolution camera on Thursday, showing massed camper vans and tents gathered for the week-long art and self-expression festival.

HRC includes a micro-camera developed by the Swiss company Micro-Cameras & Space Exploration. It is one of a series of miniature cameras built by the company for ESA missions such as Proba-2 and SMART-1. One on Rosetta should provide us with the first views from the surface of a comet in 2014.

Check out the images of the 2011 Burning Man Festival below: