An EU committee ruled on Monday that Microsoft failed to comply with a landmark antitrust decision, paving the way for fines of up to 2 million euros ($2.56 million) a day, a source familiar with the situation said.

Sources had previously told Reuters that the advisory committee would decide against the U.S. software group and that another meeting was scheduled to take place on July 10 to decide the size of the fine.

In March 2004 the Commission said the software giant was abusing its dominant position of its Windows operating system and ordered it to give information to rivals so they could create software that runs smoothly with Windows.

But since then, the Commission charged Microsoft with what it saw as foot-dragging in handing over reliable and accurate information to the rivals.

Microsoft has separately appealed the original decision but maintains it is complying.

Microsoft is dedicating massive resources to ensure we meet the aggressive schedule and high quality standard set by ... the Commission in this process, Microsoft said on Monday.

The Commission declined to comment.