Many ski resorts across Switzerland, Austria and France have opened, but in vain, for the Alpine regions are experiencing the warmest autumn in 147 years and have little snow.

Following an extremely dry November with high temperatures, some ski resorts in the Swiss Alps have postponed their season opening weekends due to the lack of snow. Some ski resorts in the Austrian Alps have even cancelled their season opening weekends, following high temperatures and no snow for 31 days, according to Reuters reports.

However, some high-altitude resorts have been using snow cannon to produce artificial snow to attract skiing enthusiasts and tourists.

“The intensive work on the pistes and the cold temperatures during the night has enabled us to produce a huge quantity of artificial snow for the last days on top of the last snow fall of 20cm at 2500m,” said a resort statement from Val Thorens, Europe’s highest ski resort in France, on Monday.

Lower-lying ski resorts are particularly suffering with green meadows under a late autumn sunshine. Plus the condition makes it difficult for cannons to produce artificial snow.

Have a look at the latest pictures of some of these ski resorts sans snow: