It doesn't matter that some Americans have had enough of the Kardashian family and are actively protesting to take Keeping up with the Kardashians off the air. There are some others who continue to remain hooked! Even legendary investor Warren Buffett isn't, apparently, able to ignore the clan that became famous for reasons nobody really knows anymore.

This week's Time magazine cover story is an interview with a business magnate (who is also the world's third-richest man) who advocates higher taxes on wealthier Americans.

How, then, did Kim Kardashian get into the picture?

Buffett's endorsement of higher taxes for wealthy Americans received so much publicity that a group called Courage Campaign launched an online movement, at, arguing the reality television star should be taxed at a higher rate.

Unsurprisingly, nobody really thought Buffett would know Kardashian, despite the fact she has been, as is her wont, all over the media, following a wedding, a 72-day marriage and a divorce.

I wonder if he [Buffett] knows who she [Kardashian] is, Rick Jacobs, the chairman and founder of Courage Campaign, told ABC News, while talking about the taxation campaign.

Apparently, Buffett totally knows her! How could he possibly miss headlines that have inundated the media every time she does anything more than sneeze!

I've seen her name, but I wouldn't be able to tell what she does but put her name in the paper, Buffett told Time. However, he didn't know enough to really comment on her tax situation.

According to statements from Courage Campaign, Kardashian made more than $12 million in 2010 and paid tax at only 1 percent higher than a middle-class Californian.