Here’s a look at some of the world’s odd eats that satisfy local palates but aren’t likely to catch on anywhere else. For those of you who think you are adventurous when it comes to food, here are a few new challenges to try out. From China to Peru, the world offers a spread of delights as uncommonly found as tarantula to the internationally available dirt.

And while countries around the world all have something on the menu that another culture would deem bizarre, many times tourists want to get a taste for the local fare. But these delicacies go beyond the a plate of snails, or escargots -- the French dish many used to think was the highest level of ‘extreme eating’.

Some highlights:

Dog or Ox Penis:

Chinese fans of the local delicacy cite traditional Chinese medicine that says it can give men more energy and improve the skin of women.

Skinned Frog Drink

An entire frog is skinned and put in a blender. The popular Peruvian drink is reputed to aid with several issues like fatigue and sexual impotence. 

Cobra Meat

It is the year of the snake according to the Lunar Calendar, which is unlucky for the snakes that seems to have become increasingly popular among the Chinese. Some believe that cobra meat cures asthma and gives increased sexual potency.