Who would pay $500 to get fake-carjacked by masked gunmen, kidnapped and tied to a chair in a dark room while heavy metal music blares in the background?

Well, apparently someone desires such an experience, in what’s becoming somewhat of a trend.

Thanks to the Detroit-based company Extreme Kidnapping, even the most jaded of thrill-seekers can get their adrenaline fix.

“It’s more or less a thrill entertainment of a kidnapping scenario,” said Shanel Hill, who is a "professional abductor" for the unconventional company. “Some people come to us because they want to lose control.”

And how could an idea like this come to fruition?

Adam Thick, the company’s founder, said he was inspired about 10 years ago when he saw the 1997 Michael Douglas film, “The Game,” where a wealthy investment banker pays to have similar scenarios played out on him.

While the company’s services are perfectly legal, the execution can get tricky for police if the fake kidnappings are witnessed in public.

In New York City, Sandra Guzman witnessed one of these scenarios just last month when a woman seemed to be abducted in broad daylight.

“What you’ve done is create a situation where both the police, the victims and the fake bad guy could be harmed,” said former FBI special agent Brad Garrett.

So if you’re chasing a thrill, there’s a company who wants your business.

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