Ezell Ford’s autopsy report revealed his death was consistent with the police officers’ version of events, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said in a press conference Monday. The 25-year-old -- who was unarmed and described as mentally ill by those who knew him -- was shot three times, once in the back, during an “investigative stop” on Aug. 11. Two of the wounds were fatal. Ford succumbed to his wounds in the hospital.

[The FULL REPORT is posted below, courtesy of Fox News]

The report listed his cause of death to be a homicide after he suffered multiple gunshot wounds. The autopsy was performed on Aug. 14, just days after Ford died, but the report was not released until months later since the LAPD said they needed more time to talk to people who saw the incident, the department said in an official statement.

Autopsy The full text of Ezell Ford's autopsy report after he was fatally shot in Los Angeles. Photo: Los Angeles County Coroner

There was a “muzzle imprint” on one of the fatal shots, the back wound, which indicates Ford was shot at close range. “The surrounding skin has a muzzle imprint measuring 1- 1¼ of an inch,” the autopsy states.

The other deadly shot entered on the side of his right abdomen. The non-fatal shot entered on his right arm. The coroner also noted there were abrasions on his left forearm, elbow and hand.

Though the autopsy report confirmed the officers’ story, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office will continue to examine the case. "This investigation is far from over," Beck said, according to Fox News. He added: "There is nothing in the coroner's report that is inconsistent with officers' versions of events."

“We will find out what happened that August night. We need witnesses to come [forward],” Beck said in a tweet posted by the LAPD Headquarters. “We need to find out the truth.”

Ford’s mother, Tritobia, said her son showed symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, the Huffington Post wrote. Though officers who shot and killed Ford worked on gang enforcement details, he was not involved in gangs, Ford’s neighbors told the news site.

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