Facebook plans to debut its iPad and iPad 2 app within this month despite some bumpy history and speculations of the two companies being at odds.

It has been a over a year since Apple launched the iPad and Facebook has not yet released an official app for the tablet device. Could Facebook's impending app release mean the two tech giants are ready to kiss and make up?

According to a Facebook spokesman, the two companies have been enjoying a great cooperative relationship together. The spokesman described Facebook and Apple as a co-working team, coming together to implement the Facebook app for the iPhone. There were no further comments about iPad's development or future products.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook chief executive officer, has put a lot of interest in Facebook's app for the iPad and iPad 2. The yearlong development included development, optimizing, and testing for an enhanced experience using Facebook on the tablet device. Facebook also reportedly has plans to revamp their website design and it will be done in a way to match with the iPad app release according to The New York Times. Apple's App Store also reportedly will market Facebook's iPad app once it is released.

Rumors have reported that the new iPad app reworks Facebook's Groups and Chat features, perhaps to utilize the large touchscreen space. The Facebook app also plans to utilize the iPad's camera and hardware in order to take photos or video then upload it to their Facebook account. It is unconfirmed if uploads will happen with 3G cellular networks or only through Wifi.

The two companies' amicable relationship seemed to be heading downhill after recently published reports on Facebook's Spartan project. Apple has been known for its strict approval process for app developments from third parties before releasing it onto their store. Companies such as Facebook found these restrictions limiting their customer reach and performance on the Apple platform.

Facebook also appears to be transforming into a competitor in terms of overstepping Apple's approval control. The social network giant will be targeting mobile users to use Facebook's HTML5 iOS optimized site rather than Apple's App Store for Facebook apps. Developing this could avoid Apple's approval process and eliminate the 30 percent cut they take from app publishers. Facebook will look to tap into the 100 miillion iOS users.

We will have to wait and see if the two companies can continue their great relationship after this project.