Facebook houses a memorial for Calyx and Beau Schenecker, the two teenagers allegedly killed by their mother for being mouthy. The social networking site, which is helping the bereaved deal with the pain by becoming the rendezvous for mourning, also gives the glimpse into the lives of the Schenecker family.

Over two thousand people - friends and strangers - have gathered to relive the memories of Schenecker teenagers. The Official Calyx & Beau Schenecker Memorial page is also being used to organize little ways to pay homage to Calyx and Beau. A public event planned for Tuesday, Feb. 1 called on the students at King High to wear Slytherin colors - Green, Black and silver.

After a successful first day in remembrance of Calyx with an amazing turn out of Harry Potter gear - we wan't to keep it up and do Slytherin colors tomorrow! :), the event page read.

Students at KHS wore Harry Potter clothing on Monday while Liberty Middle School students wore blue, Beau's favorite color. The Tuesday's theme was based on favorite colors of Calyx, who was a sophomore in the pre-International Baccalaureate program at King High.

Besides the information on and invitations to the homage events, the wall is filled with memories of the Schenecker family, and heartfelt tributes to the teenagers including a poem titled 'Gone too Soon'.

16-year-old Calyx Schenecker and 13-year-old Beau Schenecker were allegedly killed by their 50-year-old mother, Julie Powers Schenecker. She is accused of shooting her son twice in the head in the family car for talking back. She then drove home and shot her daughter in the face, according to the authorities.

Julie Powers' husband, Parker Schenecker is an Army officer who was working overseas when the incident took place.

Quoting neighbors and friends, local media reports from Florida suggest that the family seemed like a happy one. Parker Schenecker's Facebook profile has photos of the four in all smiles, showing no signs of conflicts.

Parker's friend wrote on Sunday, Please pray for entire Schenecker family!!! ALL need our prayers for peace, strength , AND forgiveness!! We MUST pray!!! CDS..alums how can we forget the support of Eddie Schenecker for ALL those years; our support for the family can NEVER stop. God will NEVER leave Parker's side and either can we!!

Meanwhile on the social networking site, several other pages in connection with the tragedy have popped up. While one page is dedicated to R .I.P Beau Schenecker, a rather unusual support has come in for the mom accused of murdering her children on the social networking site. The Facebook page seeking to Free Julie Schenecker has attracted nine followers, and argues she never meant to hurt anyone she's innocent IMHO, just teaching bratty little kids a two or thing, they should have learned the first time.