Non-profit Christian radio network Family Radio seems to have turned over a new leaf, post Doomsday May 21, 2011, by launching a newly designed website. Will Doomsday prophet Harold Camping do the same by repenting and asking forgiveness from those who have been hurt, financially or otherwise, by his failed prediction?

If someone visits Family Radio website (, the old mundane white background is gone and is replaced with a bright blue background.

The new website has included a new logo and has new features like Mission Trip, Literature, and Inspiration.

In the center, it displays Sound of the New Life.

Interestingly, the new website still has a Donation page.

Perhaps funding the Doomsday news worldwide has made Family Radio, which runs 66 stations worldwide, poorer? The network's estimated worth is at least $70 million.

Meanwhile, everybody is waiting for Family Radio President Harold Camping to explain what went wrong with his May 21, 2011 Doomsday prediction.