Beyoncé’s Memorial Day performance in Copenhagen gave new meaning to “bootylicious” when a male got up close and personal with the singer. The 31-year-old pop star, who was visiting Denmark as part of her “Mrs. Carter World Tour,” was midway through a performance of “Irreplaceable” from her album “B’day,” when a male fan in the front row slapped her behind.

In a video of the incident taken by a fellow concert goer, Beyoncé could be seen pausing onstage to let fans sing along into her microphone. When she puts the microphone up to the face of one particularly overzealous fan, he was briefly heard shouting something other than the lyrics over the music.
After reclaiming the mic, Beyoncé said “alright, Boo Boo,” and started to walk away. But no sooner than she had turned her back on the fan, he reached forward and slapped her on the rear.

Beyoncé took a few more steps forward, then stopped in her tracks, and said, "I will have you escorted out of here, all right?" Without further pause, she then jumped right back into the song.

While the singer left the incident at that, the fan’s behavior prompted outrage from Beyoncé fans. “Clearly Julius threw him in a volcano after,” one fan wrote, referring to Beyoncé and Jay Z’s bodyguard.







The “Mrs. Carter World Tour” is scheduled to continue through August, and will end with a performance at the Barclays Center on Aug. 5. Beyoncé is also featured alongside her former “Destiny’s Child” bandmates on Kelly Rowland’s newest album, “Talk a Good Game.”

View the video below to see the interaction between Beyoncé and the fan.