Once again, Ed (Jesse Plemmons) and Peggy Blumquist (Kirsten Dunst) managed to escape an episode of "Fargo" with their lives, ending up in police custody instead of on the receiving end of the Gerhardts' bullets. There are only two episodes left on the FX series' second season and as the story turn towards the homestretch, the in-over-their-heads couple might just end up being the key to helping Lou (Patrick Wilson) stop the deadly mob war between the Gerhardts and Kansas City. What will happen in episode 9, "The Castle"?

According to the synopsis for the new episode, Peggy and Ed agree to follow through with their plan to meet Mike Milligan (Bokeem Woodbine) at the Motor Motel. In episode 8, Ed called Mike after repeatedly being ignored by the Gerhardts despite having their brother Dodd (Jeffrey Donovan) tied up in his cabin. Ed makes a deal to give Dodd to Mike instead, in exchange for he and Peggy washing their hands of the whole situation. However, Mike is not exactly up to speed on the fact that Hanzee (Zahn McClarnon) showed up and shot Dodd in the head. More than likely, Lou and the police are forcing Ed and Peggy to go along with the deal anyway to get to Mike. Will the plan work?

Fargo Peggy (Kirsten Dunst, left) and Ed (Jesse Plemmons, right) Blumquist hold Dodd Gerhardt (Jeffrey Donovan, center) hostage in episode 8 of "Fargo" Season 2. Hanzee (Zahn McClarnon, not pictured) later killed Dodd. Photo: FX

Meanwhile, Hanzee reports back to the Gerhardts, but will he tell him the whole truth? It remains unclear exactly why the Gerhardt gunman killed Dodd -- besides the fact that Dodd is an all around rude and terrible guy -- and Floyd (Jean Smart) will not be happy if she finds out another one of her sons is dead. What is Hanzee's next move?

Plus, despite showing up to save the day with Ed and Peggy in episode 8, Lou faces some obstacles when state police try to pull rank on him and Hank (Ted Danson). 

Will Ed and Peggy help the police get to Mike Milligan? Will Hanzee tell the Gerhardts the truth about Dodd? Fans will have to wait to find out. "Fargo" airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on FX.