Farrah Abraham’s infamous foray into pornography may have caused a temporary rift with her religious mother Debra Danielson, but her father, Mike Abraham, has no problem with her new line of sex toys.

According to Radar Online, the 21-year-old former “Teen Mom” star is working with sex toy company Topco Sales on a line of products modeled on her own body. While the risqué business move has given Abraham’s critics yet another reason to mock her, Farrah’s father unabashedly joked about it on his Facebook page, complimenting his daughter’s “progressive” business tactics.

“My daughter Farrah is funny and a progressive business women [sic], I wonder if Topco will make a ‘Michael’ Adult Toy ...... Stay tuned,” Michael Abraham wrote in the post.

When a Facebook friend commented that unlike other teen mothers, Farrah was not on welfare, Mike responded, “I could not say it any better. ... Yes I'm her father and yes I wish at times she would do other things .... but the girl works hard to provide for Sophia.”

In another response to a commenter, he added, “Yes we all go through a maturing cycle… Some people it’s harder than others… Farrah is learning.”

Farrah’s sex toy line comes five months after she shocked “Teen Mom” fans by filming the sex tape “Back Door Teen Mom” with porn star James Deen. According to TMZ, Danielson initially contacted the gossip site to dispel rumors that her daughter had participated in such a tape, and that she hadn’t been raised to behave like that.

"My daughter has never expressed interest in things like that. She was not brought up that way,” Danielson said. She went on to cite Abraham’s religious upbringing, saying, "We have religious beliefs."

Abraham, who gave birth to her daughter Sophia at 16, chronicled her struggles as a pregnant high school student on the MTV show “Teen Mom.” She later published a memoir and music album, titled “My Teenage Dream Ended,” in which she talked about the death of her boyfriend, who was Sophia’s father, and her difficulties coping with becoming a single mother.

In July, Abraham was kicked out of an intensive 10-day alcohol rehab program, after she was busted for a DUI. Sources at the facility said she was a “disruptive influence” on other patients. Abraham previously said she was enrolling in the program as a preventative measure against putting herself “in a bad situation.”