U.S. policymakers may not be willing or able to wait for all global uncertainties to be resolved before they begin normalizing its loose monetary policy, St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard said on Tuesday.

The process of normalizing policy, even once it begins, will still leave unprecedented policy accommodation on the table, Bullard said in prepared statements ahead of a speech in the Czech capital.

The FOMC may not be willing or able to wait until all global uncertainties are resolved to begin normalizing policy, he added, referring to the policymaking Federal Open Market Committee.

Bullard, who is not a voting member on the Fed's policy setting panel this year, is seen as a centrist on the spectrum of supporters and opponents of aggressive Fed actions to boost the economy.

He said on Saturday the Fed should consider trimming its $600 billion bond purchase programme given solid U.S. economic data.

(Reporting by Jan Lopatka; writing by Michael Winfrey)