A female white kiwi bird who underwent surgery to have a stone removed from her gizzard has survived the operation.

Manukura is a six-month-old North Island brown kiwi chick -- with white feathers -- who lives at the Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Center in New Zealand.

The bird's not an albino, just naturally white, a Center worker said in a video back in May. 

She had two stones in her gizzard and managed to pass one the natural way but needed a little more help with the second one, according to the Center.

A Wellington Hospital urologist performed the operation, using a laser and an endoscope to remove the stone, according to the Center's Web site.

The procedure was one and one half hours long and she gave the medical team (and media) in the room a bit of a scare when her heart suddenly slowed, the Center wrote on their Web site, adding that everyone there was feeling the love after the surgical success.

The Center also wrote that the chick will not be available to visitors on Sunday because of her hospital stay.

Kiwis are nocturnal, flightless birds native to New Zealand.

Here's a video about Manukura.