A fight erupted in a Florida Subway restaurant Tuesday when a customer ordered ketchup on his Philly cheesesteak sandwich, leading to the termination of the employee after violence and death threats.

According to WFTV, Luis Martinez ordered a cheesesteak with “American cheese, onions and ketchup” to Lawrence Ordone, who was working at the Subway.

"He wants ketchup on the Philly cheese steak and I have never put -- we don't even have ketchup at Subway -- I've never put ketchup on anybody's sandwich," Ordone told WFTV.

That’s when Ordone “flew off the handle,” in his own words, and started a fight with Martinez who was reportedly being “mouthy.”

"He shoved a chair to the side, like knocked it down to come at me, and I said, 'This is going to be serious,'" Martinez said.

Ordone reportedly asked Martinez to “fight me like a man” and blocked him so he couldn’t escape.

"I was scared. Next thing, I'm thinking a gun's going to come out," Martinez said. "He threatened to kill me in front of my wife.”

Ordone said he was fired from Subway the following day and cannot understand how a fight erupted over ketchup on a sandwich.

"There's ketchup three aisles down. You can go buy your own ketchup, and I promise to God, you can put as much as you want on it and nobody's going to say nothing," Ordone said.

WFTV said Ordone was not arrested and the case may reach the State Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

But this is not the first fight over food recently. In December, a Pennsylvania man named Sean Varone was arrested for assaulting a McDonald’s employee after the burger flippers put cheese on his hamburger. Witnesses said he knocked over a trash can and threw a high chair in the burger tantrum.

But the incident at the Pennsylvania McDonald’s didn’t even compare to what happened in Florida in early December when a man killed his roommate amidst an argument over a pork chop. Thomas Hahn shot Robert Eugene Gray Jr. with a rifle three times after the two engaged in a spat over how to prepare pork chops.