Things are going to get pretty intense for our protagonist when MTV's “Finding Carter” airs episode 4, “Now You See Me,” next Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT.

Seriously, as if things weren’t chaotic enough for Carter Stevens (learning that the woman she thought was her mother is actually her kidnapper of 13 years, almost getting caught in a stolen car with her new crush and learning to cope with her real but overprotective mother), now the spunky teen will be faced with even more drama when her best friend stabs her in the back.

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According to the synopsis for episode 4, Carter must deal with a betrayal from Birdy when the series returns. The only question is: How will Carter’s BFF reveal her disloyalty? We have a few theories of our own, but make sure you chime in with your predictions in the comments section below.

When episode 3 came to a conclusion, Carter had just narrowly avoided getting caught in a stolen car with her rebellious crush, Crash. Crash and Bird proved in “Drive” just what sort of friends they are. Will Bird betray Carter if she turns her buddy in for his grand theft auto ways? Or perhaps the betrayal will come from jealousy. As Max said, Carter seems to have a line around the corner of hopeful men holding “Date me” applications. Could Bird have her eyes set on one of those love-bitten boys?

Another question we have is how exactly will Bird betray Carter? Vanessa Morgan’s character seems to have a wealth of knowledge regarding Carter’s determination to be with her kidnapper once again. Is it possible Birdy would foil Carter’s plan of reuniting with the woman who stole and raised her?

The summary for episode 4 continues to explain that while Max decides to leave the Wilson household, Lori will find a way to inch herself one step closer to getting Carter back.

What do you think will happen when “Finding Carter” airs episode 4, “Now You See Me”? Sound off with your theories!