Fired for saying bye bye instead of goodbye to a customer? That's the reason The Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino gave for firing 37-year-old Melodee Megia in August 2011.

Megia, however, claims she was really fired for being pregnant and is now suing her former employer, according to ABC News.

Other abuses the former room service sales employee alleged include her supervisor making inappropriate comments about her pregnancy and giving her dirty looks.

Megia's story has gone viral on the Internet as many people were shocked that her stated reason for being fired was something as trivial as saying bye bye instead of goodbye.

Below are five other shocking termination stories.

1. Four Utah Walmart employees were fired for disarming a gun-wielding shoplifter and holding him down until the police arrived minutes later, according to KSL TV. They violated the company's policy to disengage and withdraw from armed shoplifters.

2. A Chicago resident named John Stone was fired for wearing (and refusing to take off) a Green Bay Packers tie to work the day after the Packers beat the Chicago Bears in a playoff game, according to Chicago Breaking News.

3. A woman was reportedly fired for calling her boss a total pervvy wanker on her Facebook status update. She forgot that she added her boss as a friend on Facebook.

4. A reporter named Jonathan Springston was let go from an Atlanta-based publication for believing in an objective reality that could be reported objectively instead of embracing a progressive perspective, according to Creative Loafing Atlanta.

5. A Safeway supermarket security guard from Everett, Washington was fired for trying to press charges against a four-year-old girl, who opened a bag of dried apricots, ate some and put the bag back on the shelf, according to KTLA.