Being the first baby born in the New Year is an amazing accolade, and many parents are choosing names and name spellings for their children as interesting as their birthdate.

A baby boy named Lyrik was the first born in Colorado in 2013; the Denver Post reported that his mother named her baby for her love of music.

While the spelling makes the name unusual, the alternate name “Lyric,” considered unisex, ranked as the 325th most popular name for girls in 2011 and the 858th most popular for boys, according to Life Science.

The website suggests that the first baby names of the year may be picking up on a trend of names with a hard “K” sound. Among those are Kiera, first born in Minnesota; Klara, first born in North Dakota; and Kennedi, first born in Mississippi.

Name Candy reported the state-by-state list of the names of the first babies born in 2013.

Another trend may be names with the letter “Y.” Among those are Baylin, born in Florida; Aydan, born in Illinois; Jaycob born in Iowa; two Lyla’s born in Nevada and South Carolina; and Sayge born in Vermont

New York’s first born, dubbed the “Queen of 2013,” Olivia Rose was among the New Year’s babies with popular names, as well as two Erics from Georgia and West Virginia and Ella from Oklahoma, but unusual names is a trend that continues to grow.

According to Laura Wattenberg, a statistician who blogs about names at, parents are favoring names that are both unique and pleasing to the ear.

"Everybody is looking for this impossible dream, which is a name that everybody knows, everybody loves and nobody is using," Wattenberg told LiveScience last year.

"As you can imagine, it just doesn't work that way."

Name Candy dubbed Daffron, born in Virgina, as the eye-catchingly creative "First Name of 2013."

Another name noted for its uniqueness, was Mobley, born in Tennessee; the website noted that the name is striking because you can’t tell whether the baby is a girl or a boy.